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现在的版本是去阿里巴巴前写好的,之后基本就没什么进展了。最近被数次问到了月赛解题报告,真不好意思,只好发个半成品了 >_< 哎呀呀,题解说不定要烂尾了~

ZOJ Monthly, July 2011
A ZOJ3510 Boring Assignment Expressions 14.28% (3/21)
B ZOJ3511 Cake Robbery 14.04% (66/470)
C ZOJ3512 Financial Fraud 6.35% (22/346)
D ZOJ3513 Human or Pig 18.78% (127/676)
E ZOJ3514 Palindromic Mighty String 8.33% (1/12)
F ZOJ3515 ToT 1.29% (5/387)
G ZOJ3516 Tree of Three 21.06% (357/1695)
H ZOJ3517 Tower VII 0.00% (0/25)
I ZOJ3518 Unsafe Factor 15.57% (246/1579)
J ZOJ3519 Who is the Smartest Man 29.07% (574/1974)

这个月是浙江大学集训队个人选拔赛的日子,而我作为教练也是每天早出晚归。而除此以外,还有许多集训以外的事情要处理,特别是最近两周非常忙+睡眠不足。这也是为什么这次解题报告没有及时发布的原因。不过拖集训队老人和小朋友们的福,下个月的ZOJ Monthly, Auguest 2011将举办第二回东方专场ZOJ月赛(The 2nd Touhou Only ZOJ Monthly),敬请期待。(第一回东方专场ZOJ月赛的详情在这里。)

ZOJ3510. Boring Assignment Expressions

downloadsource code (ZOJ3510.cpp) [bfs, expr_eval, topsort, sp]

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2011 World Finals Coaches and Contestants:

The judge’s data for 2011 is now available for download at

The final copy of your World Finals workstation home directory is
available from your dashboard. Simply log into your ICPC account, go
to your dashboard, and download your code.

This is not only the first time the judge’s data is published, but also the first time the workstation home directory is available. GOOD JOB! I also published the workstation of our team here(35WorldFinalsWorkstation). Someone may be curious about it, though the actual work may be not as awesome as you thought. :-)

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2007-05-13 First Accepted (ZOJ1001)
2011-05-31 World Champion in My Last ACM-ICPC Contest

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